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WTS Polytech transferable AK47 in .223 DOWNFOLDER


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I have a most wonderful Polytech AK47.  Imported AKS by Kengs that is transferable. It is (was) a safe queen. I am the original owner and purchased directly from SWD. SWD mismatched the top cover.

It uses modified Weiger mags or the POL-A1 Polytech mags that are readily available.

I will do a short video of it firing flawless only for the buyer. The gun is rich dark original blue. I did add a premium MFT grip and a custom fit forend grip for the best look.

The downfolder stock fits this foregrip perfectly. 

Will go out on Form 4 as retired dealer stock. 

Taxes,shipping actual cost.

No trades..     $ 31,500.00   OBO


email  NRA(NOSPAM)rifletraining@gmail.com  with questions


Note- black doesn't photo well.. it is very deep blue/black.

I do have the original wood grip and forend also. 

If I can find it I have a entire NOS Polytech barrel/ grip assembly.. It's been 30 years it is around here somewhere.


DSC02585 (Large).JPG

DSC02586 (Large).JPG

DSC02592 (Large).JPG

DSC02589 (Large).JPG

DSC02590 (Large).JPG

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