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WTS: Post-86 Steyr ACR, s/n 0, US Army Trial Prototype MG - $12.5k OBO

Sienna Armory

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is an incredibly rare Steyr Advanced Combat Rifle (ACR) prototype which was submitted to the Army for field trials and evaluation in 1989 / 1990 for the ACR program.

$12,500 SHIPPED or best offer

This is SERIAL NUMBER "ST-ACR-0" and it is in EXCELLENT condition (being sold as "used" due to age of the weapon) and is currently owned and in the possession of Larry Vickers.  Mr. Vickers will be composing a letter to the buyer of this machine gun certifying it's authenticity.  Mr. Vickers is also available to answer any questions concerning this firearm.

This machine gun will be eForm 3'd out to the buyer from Mr. Vickers' inventory.  The model on the Form 3 is listed as "ACR" for the model.

This gun is being listed conservatively as "EXCELLENT" condition with any wear shown being handling marks.  

This is one of the only Steyr ACR prototype models in private hands and not in a museum.  This is a LIVE machine gun and utilizes carbon-steel flachette ammunition, 5.56x45-SCF - it does NOT fire standard 5.56x45mm ammunition.

This model is configured with the factory Steyr optical sight.

Included with this Steyr ACR is:
 - FOUR (4) LIVE rounds of rare Steyr ACR 5.56x45-SCF carbon-steel flachette ammo
 - TWO (2) additional prototype Steyr ACR polymer stocks
 - ONE (1) 24rd Steyr ACR magazine
 - Letter of authenticity from Larry Vickers

This is a Post-86 dealer sample machine gun and will require a demo letter to be transferred to your SOT.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this machine gun at 281-467-5424.
















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