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WTS: SIG 552-2 SP "Premay" Commando SBR $4995.00


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LE trade in purchased several years ago. In VG to Exc. condition when purchased and has been fired approx. 100 rounds to function test and has been sitting in my safe ever since. All matching, all original Swiss factory rifle. This is a "premay" dealer sample so it can only be purchased by FFL / SOTs but it's also a keeper if you retire your license. Comes with one 30 round SAN magazine. Includes three original forearm rails, one Swiss B&T top rail and original hard case. Bottom forearm rail has masking tape on it simply to retain factory screws. See pics for condition.
PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a machine gun. If it were a machine gun it would be a "post sample", there is no such thing as a "presample" or "premay" SIG 550 series machine gun. They didn't exist in 1986 when the registry was closed and imports didn't happen until 1989. The reason this is not a "transferable" SBR semi auto is because of the 1968 Gun Control Act which makes foreign imports of NFA weapons restricted to FFL / SOTs ONLY. So the "premay" status is a matter of classification, rather than date of manufacture or import. As this is a foreign NFA item but NOT a machine gun or a machine gun receiver, it is considered a "premay" dealer sample only SBR by ATF and that is how it is listed on the Form 3.
$4995.00 + 35 shipping to your FFL/SOT.
Any questions please email me: Steyr808@yahoo.com
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