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WTS: M11 380acp MAC/RPB Subgun, Excellent@$ 6500 Dlvd.


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Have an original M11 .380acp subgun... MAC Powder Springs / RPB Atlanta Double Stamp in Excellent condition.

Powder Springs manufacture and bought by and finished by RPB Ind. from the first MAC bankruptcy auction, and hence the "Double Stamp"

Select-fire (safe, semi auto, full auto), complete with 32 round metal magazine, mag loader, front strap hanger and front strap... What a piece of history !!

NFA Fully Transferable.

On a Form 3 in Missouri. No extra transfer taxes to pay.

Prices just continue to climb....demand far outstrips supply.

Get a historic, Class 3 weapon and enjoy or put away for investment!

He who hesitates is lost.......

$6500 Delivered to the Lower 48 States.

Personal and Corporate checks are fine.

Robert S. Nemec

Nemec Ltd.

Grover, MO.

636 227-6969


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