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WTS, NDS-1 rcvr and misc. build parts $175.00 all.

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Spring cleaning so clearing out a few items.

Found this unfinished AK Pistol project in 7.62x39 and other small parts in a drawer.

Seems I do not have time to finish it so up for sale it goes.

Some parts I do not remember what models they fit, look closely at the pic,

I only remember that some of these parts were not cheap or easy to buy.

NDS-1 receiver, two original cut barrels for pistol build (Chrome lined), bolt and carrier, safety lever, custom gas tube and much more.

I DO NOT HAVE the font or rear trunnion and dust cover, if I did this would have already been completed.

Trunnion holes are only drilled from one side as that makes it easier to line up the other, use your trunnion as a guide.

Receiver must go to an FFL.

$175.00 for all includes shipping.



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34 minutes ago, S.I.A. said:

SPF via email confirmation.

Want the receiver off my book as much as anything.

Gotcha. I'd take it all at that price if rigger doesn't. Some of those parts you have listed are scarce these days. He's getting a deal.

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