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WTS Thureon.45 Integral Suppressor - new F3, $600


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WTS Thureon.45 Integral Suppressor new $600


New production, integrated barrel and suppressor for the .45 Thureon carbine.
Just remove your stock barrel and screw this unit on in it's place.
Over 16" with an integral tube so only one tax stamp.
Normally $700.00, SALE $600.00
Only one available at this price, in stock on F3 ready to ship.
Basic model as pictured.
End cap unscrews, Step-cone hard anodized baffles are removable for cleaning.
May be upgraded to the quad-rail of your choice for the cost of the rail, or you may supply the rail for installation.

$20.00 shipping in CONUS.

Full details at my site, http://www.specialinterestarms.com/index.php?page=thureon

GUN NOT INCLUDED at this price but can be added! Host gun price dependent on options.


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