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SOLD WTS: Winchester M1918 BAR barrel dated 2-19

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Original Winchester Model 1918 BAR barrel dated 2-19.  This is an extremely rare find to locate an original barrel in this condition.  I bought this barrel at Knob Creek last year. There was a gentleman who had about 5 or 6 available.  Sharp well defined lans and grooves.  Rifling is beautiful.  Not one blemish in or out of the barrel (other than a few tooling marks from an installation but didn't hurt the finish).  This barrel is blued which is the original finish on the M1918 BAR's.  Muzzle erosion measures 1, throat erosion under 3.  Comes with front sight. This would make a fine barrel to complete your Winchester BAR. $550 plus $15 shipping USPS.

http://24644506912_e25152dc91_h.jpgIMG_2501 by Davy Keith, on Flickr

http://24466773110_fa84ac1cf2_b.jpg12540782_1063169493746704_2271687812934928593_n by Davy Keith, on Flickr

http://24135471243_6c3864892b_h.jpgIMG_2502 by Davy Keith, on Flickr

http://24668826391_caa8246bc3_h.jpgIMG_2503 by Davy Keith, on Flickr

http://24466785900_01d93935f2_h.jpgIMG_2504 by Davy Keith, on Flickr

http://24135466933_01ae858b6f_h.jpgIMG_2505 by Davy Keith, on Flickr

http://24394654109_ceeb2916b5_h.jpgIMG_2506 by Davy Keith, on Flickr

http://24466781880_d2e77966cb_h.jpgIMG_2507 by Davy Keith, on Flickrhttp://24644496762_994238b79b_h.jpgIMG_2509 by Davy Keith, on Flickrhttp://24466778750_a45979f4f3_h.jpgIMG_2510 by Davy Keith, on Flickrhttp://24394648579_7bbda14fb5_h.jpgIMG_2511 by Davy Keith, on Flickrhttp://24668815121_6b287324a4_h.jpgIMG_2512 by Davy Keith, on Flickrhttp://24644490552_c846a222dc_h.jpgIMG_2513 by Davy Keith, on Flickr

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