WTS: MP5, MP5K Barrels and Stocks

Location: Draper, UT

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Some of our MP5 and MP5K offerings. Click the link for more details.

WTS: MP5, MP5K Barrels and Stocks-hkp17926_1-large_2026_detail.jpgWTS: MP5, MP5K Barrels and Stocks-img_0162_1097_detail.jpgWTS: MP5, MP5K Barrels and Stocks-main-view-mp5kn-9-pdw-thd-brl_2346_detail.jpgWTS: MP5, MP5K Barrels and Stocks-view-1-mp5-ar-adapt-stock_488_detail.jpg

- MP5K-N 9mm PDW Threaded Barrel - 1/2 X 32 -…/MP5K-N-9mm...ded-Barrel-1-…

Price: $169.95

- MP5 AR, M4 Adapter & Stock Complete -…/MP5-AR-M4-...ock-Complete-…

Price: $229.95

- MP5 Navy Barrel - 3 Lug & Threaded 1/2 X 28 - USA -…/MP5-Navy-B...g-Threaded-1-…

Price: $129.95

- MP5K, MP5 - B&T Folding Stock Section Only -…/MP5K-MP5-B...-Stock-Sectio…

Price: $149.95

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