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WTS Sterling Mk4 L2A3 New BLUED magazine

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Looking for the best Sterling magazines? Tired of beat up dented or damaged 60 year old surplus? Spending your time cleaning cosmoline not your style? Having malfunctions in a match bother you? .............I have fresh hot tank blued Sterling SMG mags that are clean inside and out with no rust using premium springs and followers. These have been restored to like new and better. We use the best pick of the litter surplus mags with minimal to no pits or damage. Free shipping to lower 48 if you buy 3 or more. Photo representative. NO sales to restricted States or communities - do not ask.. The images do not show the color well. They are a deep blue/black matte to satin finish. There has been no buffing or polishing so all factory marks are still there. There are only 40 available.


A few NOS in wrappers available ( may have imperfections from years of storage) $ 69.95 each  plus shipping.

$74.95 each  for the blued ones. 

Shipping additional  at cost. Inquire for totals. NRArifletraining(noSPAM) @gmail.com  

Update.. only  23 left of the blued mags..... all new in wrapper  mags sold out

Update.. I still have 75 Sterling new mfg main recoil springs.. still priced at 15 plus 7 ship.. With  every three bought you get a free front recoil spring and guide.








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Bump-  15 mags left to sell. The last- the Hot Salt Bluing bath is not cost effective expensive to have another batch done

Buy three springs and get free front spring and guide.

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