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WTS: Universal Retractable Stock - MP5 F A3

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Universal Retractable Stock


The Universal MP5 A3 stock offering is known as the universal stock as it fits all 9mm, 40 & 10mm MP5 style of firearms. A perfect low cost solution if you need a stock for all of the MP5 variants in 9mm, 40 & 10mm as well as clones. This is the latest aftermarket MP5 F style of stock offered with a super low price. This is sold as the stock only push pins are also available below. The best value for the money as they are the nicest stock available for the money.
  • Modeled after the German HK MP5 F style stocks & nearly identical
  • Best stock for the price found anywhere
  • Fits all in spec MP5, 9mm and 40/10mm models & C93, C53 & V93, V53
  • Fully Collapsible 2 position (all the way forward & extended)
  • Locks up solid when retracted
  • Has the "F" improvements and upgrades, Improved buffer, rubber buttpad.
  • Fraction of the price of the German HK F A3 stock
  • Imported & commissioned by ATI
  • This stock is designed for use on real MP5 SMG's.
  • Designed to be used on all in spec MP5, 94, Clones, Custom builds, etc
  • Measures 10.5" in length from the middle of the pin hole to the buttpad
*** Can also be used on C93 or HK93 firearms ONLY if you have a buffered carrier installed as found on all C93 rifles and C53 Pistols. As well as most Vector Arms V93 and V53 firearms.***
Closeout item, sold as is. Once these are gone there will no more! ATI stocks often require fitting of one of the push pin holes to line up with receivers. A simple mod and easy to do.
Price: $137.95


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