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WTS M10, M50, M16A2, 3x HK Sears, FNC, Steyr Aug


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Currently available for transfer:

RPB Industries M-10 chambered in .45acp includes 2x magazines.  On a Dealer Form 4 $6500

H&R Reising M50 chambered in .45acp.  Marked Dallas Co. Sheriff Dept 42.   includes 2x magazines.  On a Dealer Form 4 $7000

Colt M16A2 with three round burst.  Marked Property of the U.S. Government.  New in the box.  On a Form 3.  $40,000

HK MP5-N SBR built by TSC Machine with a Qualified Manufacturing Sear.  Sear chambered in 9mm/223/308.  4 position trigger pack. 3 lug threaded barrel, paddle release and fixed stock.   Both gun and sear on Form 3.  $42,000

HK MP5 converted by La France with La France Sear.  3 position trigger pack.  Includes 3 lug adapter and threaded barrel.  Retractable stock.  Sear chambered in 9mm/223/308. $38,000

HK MP5 conversion by Vollmer with Qualified MFG Sear.  Sear chambered in 9mm/223/308. Includes 4 Position Trigger pack.  3 Lug adapter, paddle release and retractable stock. $38,000

Group Industries Steyr Aug registered receiver.  On a Form 3. $30,000

FNC with installed S&H arms sear.  Gun is a host gun that has been modified by TBA Suppressors to include 14" barrel conversion with A1 flash hider and 3rd/FA settings/markings on receiver.   $18500

S&H Arms FNC Sear - On a Form 3 $13,000.

Central KY Arms M60 with Saco Trunion and side rails.$50,000  On Form 3

Plainfield Machine M2 Carbine in .30 Carbine. $10,000 On Dealer Form 4

Trades Considered:

M2HB FA, Polytech AK47 FA, Belted .308 ammo (non tracer non AP),

Shop # is 540-775-2605.

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