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WTB MAC 11 380, C&R M16, Lightning Link, Reising, others


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I'm looking to buy a few machine guns and I have a certain amount of money I'm willing to dedicate to their purchase.  I'm particularly interested in (a) an M11 in 380 with a strong preference for the large mag well and (b) a C&R or soon to be C&R M16.  I'm also considering

  • Sten
  • Reising
  • AC-556
  • Lightning Link / Auto Connector
  • MAC 10 .45
  • MP40
  • just about anything on a Form 5

I'm not really looking for

  • Sterlings
  • PPSh
  • Thompsons
  • Uzis
  • Grease Guns
  • FNCs

since I'd have to spend a larger portion of the available funds than I feel I'd get out of them, but if you have one for sale I'd like to hear about it.  Even if it's not for me perhaps someone I know is interested.

I am not a dealer and I am not looking to buy for resale so my wiggle room can be greater than it would be if I needed to make money on a sale.


If you're looking to sell you can contact me through PM which will be sent to me by email.  Please do not leave personal information in a reply, let's keep this above board

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