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WTS MAC10 PS Subgun, NIB, @ $8000 Dlvd.


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Have several Powder Springs MAC 10/45 Subguns, New in Box, .45acp caliber, Select-fire (safe, semi auto, full auto), complete with magazine, mag loader, front strap hanger and front strap, cleaning rod. The magazine is wrapped in the original VPI paper of the era.

The boxes are the original Military Armament Corporation inventory / shipping boxes and have the original inventory labels. What a piece of history !!

NFA Fully Transferable.

On a Form 3 in Missouri. No extra transfer taxes to pay.

Prices just continue to climb....demand far outstrips supply, especially for new in the box guns.

Get a New in the Box, historic, Class 3 weapon and enjoy or put away for investment!

He who hesitates is lost.......

$8000 Delivered to the Lower 48 States.

50/50 Payment Terms available with NO extra carrying charges tacked on!

Personal and Corporate checks are fine.


Robert S. Nemec

Nemec Ltd.

Grover, MO.

636 227-6969

Contact Information
Name: Robert S. Nemec / Nemec Ltd.
Street Address:  
City: Grover
State/Province: Missouri
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