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We're New Around Here - Sarge's Military Surplus

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We have literally scoured the world to amass a diverse collection of authentic military items, decommissioned machine guns and other like weapons from World War I, World War II, Korea Vietnam, The Cold War, Middle East Campaigns and all points in between. We determined there's just too many weapons enthusiasts in the U.S.A. to let these sit and be ignored, or worse, end up in the wrong hands.....and not yours!

These pieces of masterful creativity and function have to be available to be enjoyed and preserved as an historical reminder of our efforts and the men and women that carried them in war and peace time. I've included just a couple of our items shown here, check out the website for a look at everything! 

Polish RPD (1).jpg

50 Cal Ammo (3).jpg


8mm Mauser Belted.jpg

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