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SWEDISH K M45 W/Many mags and accessories


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Swedish K M45- Wilson Tube gun built by Andrewski. Comes with many mags and accessories. Great condition! $15,250.00
Includes the following:
13 stick mags.
5 Coffin mags with two loaders in a 4 mag leather pouch that also holds the loaders.
2 Suomi drums.
Strip loader with many clips.
Factory night sights in case.
Form 4 Nevada. You pay taxes.

K1 (920 x 282).jpg

K2 (936 x 320).jpg

K3 (994 x 505).jpg

K6 (901 x 433).jpg

K4 (985 x 489).jpg

K5 (626 x 611).jpg

K7 (723 x 556).jpg

K8 (768 x 512).jpg

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