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WTS: Pre-May M1A1 Thompson, 27 mags & 50 rd drum, .22lr conversion + mags & .22lr 50 rd drum, custom period case - $12K + shipping


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Manufactured by Auto Ordnance Corporation, Bridgeport, CT in Excellent Condition.  pre-may sample M1A1 Thompson on Form 3 in NC. Function tested when I got it a few years ago then back into the safe. Includes Merle Bitikofer .22lr conversion and 50 rd drums (100% functional) for both .45 ACP and .22lr, also includes custom home guard period case from Dan Block. Tons of accessories, sale price include all items below. Subgun transfer starts upon receipt of payment, all other accessories will ship immediately when payment is received.




Another 40 or so photos of M1A1 and all accessories are at http://s1106.photobucket.com/user/scratch356/library/M1A1

Inventory of all items in sale:

Qty (1)  - Auto Ordnance M1A1, Pre-may Sample, ejector machined to accept .22lr conversion without requiring .45 ACP ejector removal

Qty (20) - 30 round GI magazines Grade 2

Qty (7) - 30 round GI magazines Grade 1

Qty (1) - 50 round C drum converted for functioning with M1A1, function tested works great

Qty (1)  - Bidekofer .22lr conversion, includes barrrel liner w/fixed ejector, bolt, 2 action springs, 2 cocking knobs (1 for side-install on M1A1, onefor top-install on 1928), 2 barrel liner endpieces (smaller one fits this M1A1, believe longer one is for 1928 but do not own 1928 to confirm), plastic fitted storage case.

Qty (4) -  Black Dog Machine .22lr magazines for .22lr conversion, all have been tested, run with Federal lightning, winchester & federal bulk pack.

Qty (1)  - metal 50 round .22lr drum + loading tool, function tested works great. Drum was built by Dan Block on PPS50 drum, here is video of his other .22lr drum conversions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLIIrSwpMD0

Qty (1)- Custom home guard case  custom built by Dan Block, subgun breaks down and stores inside (M1A1, .22lr conversion, .45 and .22lr drums, and a handful of .45 and .22lr magazines).

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