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WTS: M11A1 380acp Subgun, Like New @ 7500 Dlvfd.


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Have an SWD M11A1 / 380 subgun, Like New, (less than 100 rounds fired) .380acp Select-fire (safe, semi auto, full auto), complete with Zytel magazine, front strap hanger and front strap, and an M11 Operator Manual.

NFA Fully Transferable.

On a Form 3 in Missouri. No extra transfer taxes to pay.

There were not many of these manufactured (about 3500) compared to the number of the 9mm model manufactured (about 17,000).

Prices just continue to climb....demand far outstrips supply.

Get a Like New Class 3 weapon and enjoy or put away for investment!

He who hesitates is lost....

$7500 Delivered to the Lower 48 States.

50/50 payment terms available with NO extra carrying charges tacked on !!

Robert S. Nemec
Nemec Ltd.
Grover, MO.

636 227-6969

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