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WTS MK Arms MK760


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Irvine gun, "S" prefix serial number shooter grade 9mm SMG. It is not a safe queen. New extractor, spring and recoil spring from SA Machine. Runs great. Detailed pics of the gun and parts available. Magwell guide was replaced by Tom Denall and there is very slight egging of the receiver cap pin holes. I have run buffers since transfer. On a F4 in Oregon. $6,400 with extras as pictured included or $5,900 with four mags (three are MK Arms, the fourth is a machined converted Suomi) and the spare bits. Would prefer to keep this a one stamp deal in OR. Purchaser pays for stamp(s) and shipping. PM for questions.

Thanks for looking









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Forgot to add that the short shroud is a three lug shroud from SA Machine. The 5.5" barrel is a S&W 76 barrel threaded .5x28 by Tom Denall and the spare 8" barrel is from SA Machine. The recoil springs are a used 20lb and a new 13lb for lighter loads from SA Machine. The grip is aluminum and I upgraded the charging handle also from SA Machine. There is also a Carl Gustav mag loader and several stripper clips included but not pictured.

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