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WTS: HK91/G3/CETME Receivers - new $50 each

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Gewehr Werks will be continuing our Blowout sale on G3/91 Receivers until 01/01/2016 or until we are sold out (we are not sold out as of 01/25/2016). We have had an overwhelming response and remaining stock is very limited. This sale will be ending very soon, and this is the last of the last. I cannot stress enough that the end is near, so if you intend to purchase one of these receivers, NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT!

These receivers are a direct replacement for the G3 / HK91 / CETME style rifles. These receivers are the early German Military style profile. This early style profile was used by the German Bundeswehr and Portuguese Armed Forces. These receivers have been rolled, stenciled and serialized. This product is targeted towards the home builder; and manufacturers who don't have the tooling to reliably roll a flat. These parts were produced on original HK stamping dies, not on an aftermarket bending jig. Gewehr Werks has duplicated the nomenclature found on these early receivers.

No welding has been done, no weldments are included. We have built a 100 rifles with these receivers and no issues, Actual product is pictured below. NOTE these receivers now accept collapsible stocks, without any modification. We must stress that these parts have been produced using a 500 ton MINSTER press and German stamping dies!

This is the last time these early style receivers will be offered by Gewehr Werks, when these are gone that’s it! The quantity is limited, only 100 units were originally being offered at this blowout sale price. We are offering these parts at cost, at rock bottom, at 70% the cost of a flat. The price is $50.00 plus $15.00 shipping!

NOTE: These are an FFL item, must be shipped to a FFL dealer

If you are interested in purchasing a receiver you can email us at gewehrwerks@earthlink.net or call us at 937-667-4605

Feel free to visit our website: GewehrWerks.com

Also G3/HK91 factory German kits are still available and on sale for $599 through HKPARTS.NET These kits come with a NEW CHF (Cold Hammer Forged) barrel manufactured by RCM, here is the link to the actual ad:



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You do realize this ad is .......... TWO AND A HALF ....... YEARS OLD ........ YES ?

plus the poster placed Two ads that day ........ and has been absent ever since !

poster also said ........ " NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT "......... TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO !

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Buddy H;  MolonLabe1977


Pardon me for asking as a brand new member,  but in  your vast experience do advertisers NEVER get additional things in to sell  and thereafter fail to update their ads??

ASKING costs ZILCH & at least sometimes yields results. -t least asking has done so for me on other forums, numerous times.

Btw, members complaining about people resurrecting posts, in my experience is because oftentimes the "complainer" has nothing worth saying themselves,  so they become a "critic" of others. = I believe that Ernest Hemingway said something of that sort about "critics".


"MolonLabe1977",at least,gave me a bit of information on what he/she purchased.


just my OPINION, tex



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HEY ....... If you had actually READ THE AD ....... it was a LIMITED TIME OFFER ....... LONG AGO .

LIMITED TIME ....... as in ....... HURRY UP !

plus ...... the original poster posted TWICE ...... then never returned .....

Sooooooooooo ......... POOF.jpg



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