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Holmes Guns, Wheeler, Arkansas


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I tried a int-net search for information about these guns.  I found many references to the idiot theater shooter & one to a traders guide that apparently had these guns listed.  I didnt bother pursuing that.....as it required me to register......not for me.

Here is what I have.........sometime around the 1986 cut off for mfgr of MGs. for personal consumption, Holmes of Arkansas offered a trio of FA handguns.  I have an 8.5x11 single sheet advertisement I had requested & did receive.  Holmes Wheeler Ark., PO box is listed and D.B.Distributing, Fayetteville, was listed as the distributor.  These guns are designated "Assault Pistols", offerings consist of 9mm/.45 guns apparently the same size, and a smaller version in .22LR. From that advertising, I bought one of the FA .22s, #16.  Much later, I bought another, #18, from an individual who was moving to a no MG's guns state.  I also remember that back when I had a Cl 3, (dropped in 2000) I received an ATF newsletter that specifically laid out their outlook on all the Holmes guns, the semis were all declared contraband, even had a listing of serials in case one should happen to show up, while all the FA guns were OK..  Somewhere along the line, I was told that only 25 FA .22lr guns were made.  Since I have #18, there may actually be that many.  

Questions...........Anyone else here know of or have one of these guns ?? Ever seen one offered for sale???  

And, did they actually make any 9mm and/or .45 guns at all??????  

PJH, Ohio

Holmes .22 FA pistols w/long curved mags, upper center of picture.



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