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WTS: Big Collection - Transferables and Samples!

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We currently have over 100 items including transferable machine guns, dealer samples, SBRs, SBS's, AOW's, Silencers and other NFA items. There is too much to list here. Please visit our web site for a complete list.


HK MP5 $32k

HK 53 Pre 86 Sample $15k

Reising M50 $8.5k

Colt Armalite Model 01 $25k

Savage Lewis C&R $26k


IMPORTANT: We have over 100 NFA items for sale.  If you are looking for it, chances are we have it. Visit our web site for a complete list.

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT: We NEED machine guns.  If you are thinking of selling or have regular inventory PLEASE drop me a line, let’s make a deal! > frank@atfmachinegun.com Phone: 417 850 1649

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