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What was the best thing you saw at SHOT Show?

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It's been a lot of years since I have been to S.H.O.T., but Krieghoff's display of double rifles & shotuns was very impressive to me! Upgraded wood & engraving catchs my eye real quick.

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On 1/24/2016 at 9:33 AM, Centrifugal Arms said:

HMG's STG-N was one of my favorites.


One evening I attended the ATI media & shoot at Range 702 while at Shot Show.
HMG had 2 of the rifles and one pistol on display.
I got to handle them and watched while they filmed a interview with one of the HMG guys.
I will say the HMG rifle has some sharp details!

I really wanted to shoot the 9MM MP40 semi-auto but ATI only had the .22 version at the range.



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11 hours ago, Detroit Tactical Firearms said:



any pics of the ATI stuff?

It was a media event, so there are a LOT of professional photos and videos that were taken.

I did not take any.
i was with my AMCHAR rep and was more into the shooting and the event as a whole.
The FOSTECH shotgun was another neat gun that was being featured.

Thinking about it, I didn't take any pictures at Shot show either!
we mostly went from one meeting to the next.


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