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COLT M16 **SOLD ** Moderator Mod:609 shorty

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In stock on a Form 3, all original, Model 609. The F3 for the Moderator shows COLT as the MFG.
This is the shortest version of the moderator guns that Colt put out and is in nice original condition. This is a 2 Tax stamp item due to the moderator that ATF deems as a suppressor. The moderator is not just a long version of a flash hider, there are actual ports inside that collect the gas, pretty cool for such a small package. One magazine included.
Another Pic: http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z101/911tt/Colt60903_zpsc013da86.jpg

Fully transferable, price is $SOLD shipped to your SOT dealer.
Dennis @ NFA Investments 503-720-2280


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