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Fraud Alert!!!!

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To all,

We are re-posting the below message because someone has been scammed by someone impersonating us.  In short, we do not send out unsolicited emails and never ask for payment to be sent to anyone but us at our premise address in Dayton, Ohio.  ALWAYS feel free to pick up the phone and verify who you are talking with.  We live in an age of scammers and we want you to call us before sending out any money! You can can call me direct at (937) 470-7466. 

Please note that someone is trying to impersonate Inverse Inc. buy using an email similar to ours.  This scammer emails you once you publicly post your contact information under our ad(s) or the ads of others selling on this site.  The fictitious email being used in our case is inversefiream@gmail.com.  Our legitimate email is inversefirearms@gmail.com.  They are very similar but different; note the missing "s" in "firearms".  Please be careful with all your transactions and make sure the person corresponding with you is who you think they are by verifying emails, addresses, phone numbers, etc..  Make sure the email used to send you information is from the person you think you are dealing with.

We ask that you do not post under our ads, please just contact us directly.  


Trent Warncke, President

Inverse Firearms

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Bottom line, it is not a good idea to post your e-mail address in a reply to an ad.  Here are some reasons:

  • It signals your intent to a potential scammer - They know exactly what you want, and where to send you their request for payment
  • They may appear to have a similar address to the person who posted the ad...Just think about how easy it is to get a free, customized e-mail address - This can be done anywhere in the world
  • It's poor etiquette...You should be reaching out to the seller, not asking them to contact you
  • You should contact the seller using the PM feature, or through their e-mail address directly, without posting your e-mail in a reply to their original ad for all to see

A buyer should always speak to the seller.  Vet them out.  Be appropriately cautious before you send out hundreds, or thousands of dollars.  Never wire money...Never, ever.  Do not send funds via Moneygram.  Once you speak to the person, and are comfortable that they do not appear to be a scammer, check their address and contact information.  Check their FFL address against the ATF database.  Check their address on Google Street View, and see if it appears valid.  Visit them, and see the gun in person, especially if it's very expensive.  If the deal is too good, or anything doesn't feel right, walk away.  Don't get greedy.  If the deal is too good, there's a problem.

David Albert

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Scammer and Fraud. Called this person out twice now and trusted my instincts.Sturm Name: Reese and the E-mail address is:


Name: Derek R Jason

Google Voice Number:  +1 (856) 887-3891

Trying to sell a Colt 1921 that is not his. Claims to be from Michigan area. Message me for the serial number and I have pictures.

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Just got an email from Michael Freeman and did a simple Google search and two sellers advised he's a scammer. I asked for his phone number and he gave me 405-358-7607 but said he can't talk he's speaking impaired.  


Freeman Michael <mclfreeman65@gmail.com>

2:06 PM (42 minutes ago)
to sales
Hello, I have a M3 Tripod I want to sell, I’d appreciate a response if you’re still interested.  You should have no worries mate, my number is 405-358-7607, but I have speaking impairment so I can’t actually speak but attached is my identity card just in case you need it, thanks
I’m asking $1000+ shipping fee for it.



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Arch Stanton scammer alert. He immediately sent me Zelle payment information and 2 different names, email addresses. I’d already contacted seller by phone and confirmed later the scam. 
JOSH DAVIS is the name he used.

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