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WTS: Colt SMG 9mm (M16A2 RO635) $34,750


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Excellent shape Colt M16A2 (marked SMG 
9MM NATO) Safe/Semi/Auto. Only 
approximately 300 rounds has been 
fired through this one. Very low 
HT0000XX serial number. Single digit 
S/N and it is one of the last legal MG 
registered by Colt before the '86 ban. 
This one comes with a nylon case, 
sealed Colt 32 round factory magazine, 
cleaning kit, factory manual and 
several non-marked 9mm mags which were 
test fired and work with the gun. 
Form 4 in Oklahoma. All S/H and fees 
are included in the listed price. 
Seller will pay the first $200 tax 

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