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AR15, Auto Link with Host Gun

Ruben Mendiola

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AC427 LX000300

Auto Link, Daniel SWD manufactured Auto Link / Lighting Link in an AR15 Host Gun


Florida residents are subject to Florida Sales tax.


Dealernfa, Inc 

Ruben Mendiola 



For the quickest response, please contact us through our toll free number from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Eastern) or by email:





866-NFA-WANT (866-632-9268) Toll Free

866-415-7066 Toll Free Fax

305- 718 -4976 Fax 


In stock in the Great & Wonderful State of Florida and ready to transfer to your dealer via ATF eForm.


Please visit our website for more detailed images that can be magnified at: 




We are dealers and not Brokers, All firearms are in stock under my control and owned by me.


Always looking for and paying top dollar for high quality legally registered machine gun, please either call me on my Toll Free line, email or fax. I pay the ATF transfer tax and payment is sent overnight. 


Over 30 years in the Class III Business. Dealing with high quality legal firearms is not a hobby but my profession; you will receive well deserved fast professional service. 


Serving you personally 7 days a week from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Eastern)


AC427 LX000300 - 1@2x.jpgAC427 LX000300 - 2@2x.jpgAC427 LX000300 - 3@2x.jpgAC427 LX000300 - 4@2x.jpgAC427 LX000300 - 5@2x.jpgAC427 LX000300 - 6@2x.jpgAC427 LX000300 - 7@2x.jpgAC427 LX000300 - 8@2x.jpgAC427 LX000300 - 9@2x.jpgAC427 LX000300 - 10@2x.jpg

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