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FS: NFA / SBR / SBS Engraving Services from $49.00

Keith Norman

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High quality, DEEP ROTARY CUT legal SBR / SBS engraving service offered by NFA Investments, a Class 2 Manufacturer with over 13 years in business.  Service is also available for other FFL’s who need engraving on their manufactured / assembled firearms to be in compliance with ATF marking requirements. Turnaround time is normally one business day with the exception that we will close for Christmas from December 15th through Christmas, reopening on December 26th.


All engraving is deep cut using a rotary pantograph and generally is cut at .012” to .015” deep in aluminum or polymer and around .007” - .010 in steel or titanium. The ATF requirements are .003” minimum depth which is only about a sheet of notebook paper thick. Cutting at such a shallow depth makes refinishing difficult as such shallow markings tent to be covered or obliterated when refinishing. Most laser engraving services struggle to even hit the .003” depth; my machines can cut up to .020” deep, nearly seven times the depth required. Deep cut rotary engraving can also be color filled with paint or epoxy for a two toned finish; most laser engraved items cannot have this done as the engraving is not deep enough to hold paint.


Why use the old style cutting system and not laser?



You may be considering laser engraving versus rotary cutting. As stated, all engraving is cut on a rotary cutting scalable pantograph and the difference was partially explained above. If you want the engraving to hide in plain sight and blend in with the other markings on your firearm, I suggest that you compare images of laser marked engraving with deep cut rotary engraving. Most OEM manufacturers use either deep cut engraving or roll marking to mark their products; very few use laser. Unless your particular firearm was originally laser cut by the original manufacturer, deep cut rotary engraving will much more closely match your firearms existing markings and tend to blend in or hide in plain sight. I would encourage you to search the internet for example photos of both. Most laser cut engraving on aluminum or steel virtually disappears when cold bluing or aluminum oxidizer is applied – this is not the case with deep cut engraving.


Details for this internet special promotion:


This limited time promotional pricing is for Standard Block Text Engraving Services for $49.00 for Form 1 SBR's and SBS's: Maker's name, city, and state. This price includes up to 3 lines of engraving (no extra charge for Revocable Living Trust or similar long names). This special promotion is for aluminum, polymer, and steel weapons and includes walk-in, while you wait service. Unlike other businesses, I choose not to charge my customers a higher price if they wish to avoid shipping and the inherent risks with shipping firearms. Text engraving on AR15 type weapons is normally performed above or below the hammer and trigger pins, or on the side of the magazine well. For other types of firearms, engraving will be performed in a place determined by NFA Investments. Customers can mark their preferred engraving locations but no guarantee can be made that these locations will be suitable for engraving on our equipment. Lettering is blackened in unless otherwise requested.  Return UPS is usually $15; USPS priority mail service can also be used if items are sent by customers using that method of shipping. Most stripped AR15 lowers will fit in a small USPS priority mail box and ship for $6.80.




If you have any questions, feel free to call.




NFA Investments, A BATFE Licensed Firearms Manufacturer

Keith Norman, owner

Tel. (281) 639-0026

Type 07 FFL / Class 02 SOT

Web: www.NFAinvestments.com

Email: keith@nfainvestments.com







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