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WTS Pre sample HK MP5 Original $16,300


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Guys... Be vigilant and do Not become another victim of Scammers! Do NOT send any payment until you have clear images of the above item with Your Email written on a piece of paper laying right on top of the gun. Also get a clear shot of the Current Form to verify the Serial Number on the Gun from the images with your email address. Finally, call NFA Branch and make sure Everything Matches: Serial Number of the supposed Pre-May MP5 as well as Name and Address of the individual asking you to send money. NFA Branch will inform you if the information you provided does Not match. Scammers frequently photo-shop and otherwise alter Transfer Forms so you Must Verify Everything with NFA Branch! Other things to consider: speak with the seller on the phone in order to discern their knowledge of firearms, the transfer process in general and whether or not they have a strange accent or affectation. References from this board would be good as well. Just a little due diligence and your gut-instinct will save you a Huge amount of money!

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