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WTS 1928A1 Savage British Lend/Lease $27K


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1928A1 Savage British lend / Lease; The gun runs great, matching upper and lower receivers, original finish, nice clean bore. All Savage / Stevens parts on the upper receiver, Savage wood. Included in the sale is everything pictured, 3 original mags that came with the gun when I purchased it, they are on the rough side but functional. The 5 twenty round mags and 6 thirty round mags are in very good condition, 50 round drum, the pouches cleaning rod and booklet. These are just a few pictures if your interested in the gun email me for additional pictures. Let me know if you have any questions, $27,000 shipped and insured.















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I have a 1903 Red Star and 1941 M1 Lend Lease and love the history that goes with it. My Red star is the easiest to prove it was a LL as there are around 200 of them and their serial numbers are known. The Garand is tougher but I am as certain as you can be that mine is a LL.


I don't yet know the history of Thompson style guns like you have listed being lend leases, which is why I asked the question. I know with M1 Garands, Brittish proofs aren't enough to prove it was an actual lend lease. Maybe they are with this gun? I have no idea. I am a Lend Lease collector and was simply curious about your listing. It is a beautiful gun and someone would be lucky to have it. Good luck with your sale

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