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Misc. MG Mounts


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Looking to sell three MG mounts:

 1.) MG3 Tripod - for the MG42/M53/MG3/MG74 series. Complete with optics, straps, etc.

2.) Goryunov - for the SG43/SGM series. Complete with shield.

3.) Sokolov - for the M1910 Maxim. Complete with shield. 

All the mounts rate 95% or better. I think the MG3 may never have been used. All are way better than anything I'm seeing listed commercially these days. 

I want to unload all three at Knob Creek in a couple weeks ONLY. I will not ship any of them. 

DIRECT EMAIL ONLY: nick.gorgenNOSPAM@gmail.com. 

Remove NOSPAM from email. 


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