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WTS: Steyr Aug Qualified Burst $20K


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Up for sale is a Steyr AUG machinegun with a registered Qualified Manufacturing 3 round burst sear pack. The receiver is a USR A2 style, manufactured by Steyr in Austria and one of 3,000 imported. It was set up by F. J. Vollmer in the ‘80’s. It contains ALL Austrian full auto parts. The Aug has a two stage trigger. A slight pull on the trigger fires one round. Pull back all the way for full-auto. These are just a blast to shoot!
Some advantages/enhancements of the A2 receiver are:
-A2 style optics and optics housing (removable optics that allow for use of the picatinny rail).
- A2 cocking handle that folds and does not wear out the finish on the receiver.
- Parts fully interchange with the AUG, and it uses the same magazines and accessories.
- Updated roller bolt carrier and updated firing pin system.
It is excellent condition and has been fired less than a thousand rounds. It is like new inside and out. Runs like an expensive Austrian watch. Comes with three thirty round mags. My hi-def close-up photos are part of my description. They are not taken from the Hubble or even a foot away. They might show imperfections that may or may not be apparent to the naked eye. They may also show reflections and some dust/lint that will not be included with your purchase. Please examine them closely. I attempt to list ALL imperfections in my description. Buyer is solely responsible for determining that the gun is safe to shoot. Inspection by a qualified gunsmith is recommended. The firearm offered has not been test fired but has been given a visual inspection. By bidding, the buyer agrees to hold seller harmless against damages, injury, or death caused by merchandise. On a form 4 in MD. All funds, including stamp, up front. Shipping and insurance to your dealer will be actual and computed at time of sale. Thanks.

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