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WTS MP5SD With Transferable Fleming HK Sear Electronic Form 3 SPF


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MP5SD clone with TPM Suppressor and Transferable Fleming Sear SPF Registered in All Calibers so you can move to any host you want for this will be a one or two stamp transaction depending on state you live in buyer pays all fees shipping etc. The gun is registered as a pistol the HK Fleming Sear is on a form 3 and the TPM can is on a form 4. The gun will come with one HK German 30 round magazine and comes with the A3 stock and Navy SEF trigger group. The sear will transfer on a Electronic Form 3 which have supposedly been taking only a few weeks to clear. **A2 stock used for picture reference only.**

The gun was only test fired a few rounds the Sear pack has only been test fired a few rounds and the TPM can has only had a few rounds tested through it the gun/sear/can are virtually brand new.

There may be a few guys who will vouch for me on here

What is included in this package:

1x Registered Fleming Sear Pack Registered in all calibers currently set up in 9mm Electronic Form 3 Transfer

1x SW MP5SD Pistol transfers immediately

1x TPM SD Suppressor Form 4

1x A3 Adjustable Stock

1x SEF Navy Housing

1x Full Auto Carrier and Bolt Group

1x 30 round HK German Curved mag








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1 hour ago, Brad40965 said:

So, just for my own clarification, it was built as an SD Pistol on a Special Weapons receiver?  This way, the sear could be separated from the actual firearm without requiring an added tax stamp????  Just want to clarify.  Thank you in advance.


Yes built and registered as a SD pistol meaning its not a SBR no stamp transfer and can transfer immediately. Yes a SW Receiver Factory built. The Fleming Sear is A Registered Machine Gun Papered on its own Form 3 Registered in all calibers transfers tax free to any state but Tx. I just happen to be selling/including it with the MP5SD the sear can be put in any host you have/acquire.

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I can vouch for Trey (caf82313) being a legitimate collector/seller. He sold an HK sear manufactured by S&H last year on gunbroker, while I wasn't the buyer for that trigger pack we did do business for LEO marked mags that went thru smoothly/flawlessly (as recorded in our past HKpro feedback). I've also spoken to him on the phone and by email countless times as he's guided/mentored me thru the ropes in learning this machine gun hobby. He's even hosted a machine gun shoot for fellow HKPro members; this thread says it all:

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I can also speak highly of Trey, caf82313. I went to his MG shoot last March. Great group of people. 

Eric is a good guy, too. Eric is a very generous guy and let a bunch of people shoot his MGs at no cost, thus introducing lots of new people to the NFA community.

These guys deserve our business.

For an SD with with a registered sear, this is actually a very reasonable price.

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