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Fraud Alert!!!!

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To all,

Please note that someone is trying to impersonate Inverse Inc. buy using an email similar to ours.  This scammer emails you once you publicly post your contact information under our ad(s) or the ads of others selling on this site.  The fictitious email being used in our case is inversefiream@gmail.com.  Our legitimate email is inversefirearms@gmail.com.  They are very similar but different; note the missing "s" in "firearms".  Please be careful with all your transactions and make sure the person corresponding with you is who you think they are by verifying emails, addresses, phone numbers, etc..  Make sure the email used to send you information is from the person you think you are dealing with.  IF IN DOUBT ABOUT ANY EMAIL SENT, PLEASE CALL ME AT (937) 470-7466.  ALSO WE NEVER SEND OUT UNSOLICITED EMAILS WITH ITEMS FOR SALE.  LASTLY I WILL NEVER ASK FOR PAYMENT TO BE SENT ANYWHERE OTHER THAN OUR PREMISE ADDRESS.  KNOW WHO YOU ARE EMAILING WITH!

We ask that you do not post under our ads, please just contact us directly.  


Trent Warncke, President

Inverse Firearms

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Okay someone has been sending a email out to one of my potential customers posing as me, with the email JefferyKelly2002@protonmail.com. They likely was trying to sell a VZ61 22LR upper kit to them. 

So if you got a email from this person, they are a scammer. 

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