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Has anyone done a deal with Zach ?

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Everyone ?   Not me ....... I do not know him ....... I do not recall him posting on the old Sturm board either

He has only posted 7 WTS ads ...... And all recently.

He joined Sturm July 13th ....

therefore .......Everyone here does not know him.  


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Never gave me pictures and when I asked for them again I got this. " I see you are not a buyer you're a picture collector. Remember you solicited me and everyone else on the forum for the particular items you claimed you were looking to buy. Your claim that nobody knows me is ridiculous. The people I spoke to about you said this your standard operating procedure, you annoy everyone to death with your photograph requests and never buy anything as you find fault with everything anyone has to offer. Juvenile behavior undoubtably by a socially awkward young man unable to face an adult via telephone and effectively communicate. Instead you hide your lack of confidence behind a computer as many young people do today and pretend to be something they are not. Your have unrealistic standards and requests for buying online. You should attend a local gun show if you would like to inspect everything in such great detail. I bid you good day and wish you well in your search for the items you purport to be looking for. I am retracting my offer for the sale of the kit to you. I'm sure my communication will be met with more juvenile behavior, profanity, and ranting on the boards about me. Only to be expected as this is what children do. But I will warn you that any harassment via electronic communication or telephone will result in your criminal prosecution, and this written statement does qualify and satisfy most state criminal codes as official communication of a request to cease and desist any future contact with me. Just in case you feel like acting out, because I know all to well how children can behave when their feelings are hurt."

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