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WTS: Puteaux 25mm AT cannon


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I had never planned to sell this cannon but personal circumstances make it a necessity now.  

It is a beautiful piece in excellent condition,stored inside in humidity and temperature controlled area.

It comes with one sealed spam can of APIT ammo , 8 rnds.

I have powder, primers and shells available to the buyer.

It also comes with a modified USGI artillery scope that works with the cannon.

This scope conversion work was done by Ohio Ordnance, while they had this piece in inventory.

I also have an original Puteaux scope available!!

These are extremely rare. $3K.

If you ever wanted to step up to artillery you'll have to look long and hard to find a piece this nice & priced well below market. 

It's light enough for one man to move around, will  transport on a 10" trailer, and can penetrate 3" of armor plate!

C&R listed meaning you can leave the piece here until it transfers, then pick it up directly from me.

No intermediary dealer storage needed.

Pics available for serious buyers. 100% payment upfront starts the form 4...and the wait unfortunately. Buyer pays all transfer taxes.

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Hello Lon.

Didn't I sell you an Ohio Ordnance.50 bmg conversion kit for a Puteaux a few years back?

703-627-7329 business cell.

If I don't answer I'll call you back asap.

Coverage is spotty here.



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Are you a serious buyer or just interested in seeing pics of a Puteaux?

If you're a serious buyer I'd be glad to send pics.

If you are just interested in seeing a Puteaux there are plenty of pics online.

Don't take it the wrong way but I've had WAY too many crank yankers wasting my time asking for pics and then disappear.

R. Leyshion, Jr.

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I was looking for a friend but found out he already as a Russian gun.  I own a 25mm puteaux so I do not need pics.  For my other gun I sold on this board I put pictures on photobucket then copied a link to my ad, I had no problems with people asking for pics and no "crank yankers" Happy Trails and good luck with the sale.

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