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WTS Integrally Suppressed ARs and Other NFA Goodies


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Wanted to Introduce my company Southeast Arms to you all as we have just finished our R&D for our products and are ready to let them hit the market.

Southeast Arms is a Manufacturer of Silencers, Integrally Suppressed Rifles and Pistols, as well as the odds and ends of the NFA world; Including Short BBL Shotguns, Short BBl Rifes and AOWs

We are dedicated to providing the best in reliability and comfort of shooting that we can with all of our products.

Now, on to the fun stuff:

Integrally Suppressed Side Charging AR15s - $2400

5.56/300blk - Both have a 10.5" barrel with a pistol length gas system, the silencer reflexes over the barrel back to the gas block to use it as an expansion chamber. They are built as a 2 stamp gun so you can take the silencer off to clean it. One stamp comes paid for in the price of the firearm as with all of our 2 stamp guns. We machine the barrels in house with 5/8-24 threading on the muzzle and a gas port small enough to operate but not be over gassed. The side charging upper also helps seal the back of the firearm to diminish the blowback to the shooters face that is so common among suppressing AR15s. They are semi custom, you get a choice of a Magpul MOE, Ace ARFX, or the MFT minimalist stock; the handguards are a seekins 10" free float in your choice of Picatinny, Keymod, or M-LOK; and your choice of color from cerkote's high temp section. All of our centerfire rifle silencers are a 3 chamber design blast chamber, expansion chamber, then baffle chamber (clipped cone for 5.56, k baffle for 300blk). Materials used are 316 and 17-4 stainless and are full auto rated, they weight between 8lbs 12oz and 9lbs depending on how it is set up.

Video of the 515 in the back the 315 in the front:


9mm Glock mag AR15 - The 9mm has the same price and options as the 5.56 and 300blk except the barrels are 8" long, ported to drop 124 gr to subsonic and have the option of our 11 oz ultra heavy buffer or a standard 9mm buffer (the ultra heavy slows down the operation of the bolt and keeps it locked up longer leading to less port noise, it also restricts the bolt hold open to no longer function)

Video of me tossing some rounds into a berm:



Integral Suppressed 22lr CZ bolt actions and Ruger American Rimfire - $1250

Another 2 Stamp gun which means we pay the first one for you, The CZ comes with a 5 round mag, the Rugers Use a 10/22 Mag. 6" barrels with silencers that reflex back to the receiver. User serviceable k baffle design, 316 stainless tube with a grade 5 titanium blast baffle then 7075 AL baffles the rest of the way.

Video with CCI quiet :


With Aguila super colibri :



Ruger MK3 Integral 22LR - $1250

User serviceable integrally suppressed 22LR, the silencer reflexes back over the barrel and uses it as an expansion chamber, and has an indexing screw to let you return back to the same location every time you clean it. Choice of cerkote colors.

Shooting indoors:


A youngin taking a few shots outside :


SBS's and AOWs - $975

The Bears Bark 20ga Side by side is built off of a Stoeger Uplander as an SBS with 10" barrels

One Handed :


The SEA Defender is a 20ga Mossberg pump action AOW with a sling swivel stud in the rear and a rotating forward pistol grip (taking deposits, first ones will be out in the wild late september)

Standalone Silencers:

Centerfire Rifle Direct Thread : $950

Centerfire Rifle QD : $1250

22LR : $350


We also do a lot of one off projects, recently we have done a suppressed micro Uzi in 45 acp with a folding stock, suppressed FAL 11", and a Springfield M1A Socom suppressed so if you have an odd project we would love to take it on.

Thanks for taking the time to read through all that, I look forward to getting some cool stuff into all of your hands!


Alex Cioppettini


Southeast Arms Inc

1669 NW 144th Terr #204

Sunrise FL 33323






SEA Large.jpg




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