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WTS Transferable AC 556 $9500


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20160801_100603.jpg20160801_095949.jpgI have a fully transferable full stock blued Ruger AC 556 from my personal collection up for sale currently on a Form 4 in MA.  Six Ruger factory 30 round mags included. Asking $9500 I pay first tax stamp and insured shipping to your dealer.  It has never been fired by me and appears possibly unfired. Has normal handling marks on the stock consistent with a former PD weapon but has no electro-pencil inventory markings. Cleared funds begin the transfer.  PM me if interested and if you want more pics.

Possible trades for all original Pre May or no letter Post May Samples.

Manny Pacheco

Mannite Engineering LLC

Type 07 Class 2

Littleton, Mass



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