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WTS: MP 18.1 Bergmann-SOLD

Bill in Bama

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I have an original German WWI Bergmann MP 18.1 sub machinegun on consignment.  This gun was a WWII bringback, with paperwork from 1945 to the present documenting its ownership and the rewat process that made it an operating machinegun.  All numbers match, the metal is in exceptional condition, and the stock is beautiful wood with some wear marks.  Stock has proof markings.  The sling is included but the butt end has come apart but I believe can be repaired if desired.without taking much away from its original condition.  Included are six mags, three original Bergmann mags (two have matching serial numbers) in an original canvas and leather pouch, a mag loader, two extra barrels, plus all the paperwork detailing its journey from the Army Colonel that brought it back through the re-watting process (gun apparently had the barrel filled with brass, a common practice back then).  I can send many pics of the gun and accessories to interested parties upon request.  This gun is registered to the daughter of the second owner and if sold out of state will require transfer to a CIII FFL.  Terms are 100% of the purchase price up front and shipping and insurance paid at time of transfer.  This gun is a masterpiece of old world gunsmithing not seen much anymore. 

MP18 rt..jpg

MP18 left.jpg

MP18 closeup.jpg

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