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WTS transferable M1A (M14) form 3

Frank Iannamico

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For Sale


A select-fire Springfield Armory M1A (M14). This rifle is part of my personal collection; I purchased it about 15 years ago from a local friend who was the original owner. This M1A has been fired very little by the original owner or myself.


A very nice example that has never been refinished, all of the internal parts are original US GI from the original government Springfield Armory. No cast aftermarket parts. The original owner went to great lengths to have all original U.S. GI Springfield Armory parts in this rifle.


Receiver is commercial Springfield Armory Inc., serial number 021625 converted to select-fire by one of the best, Neal Smith.


Barrel is a 1967 dated original GI Springfield Armory Throat erosion gages at 1.5


Bolt assembly is original GI Springfield Armory SA markings: 7790185 –heat-treatment lot SA  Y02


Op rod is original GI Springfield Armory SA markings: 7267064 SA (on one line, aftermarket are marked on 2 separate lines)


Trigger Group is original GI SA marked: 7267030 SA


Most visible parts in the trigger group are GI Springfield Armor: hammer, safety, etc


Flash-hider is GI


Stock is US GI with DOD cartouche


Does everything an original US GI M14 original receiver gun does, but at ½ the price


Runs flawlessly in semi and full-auto.


I am an FFL/SOT rifle can transfer to a dealer on a tax-free form 3.


$17,500 plus $95.00 shipping and insurance


If sold to a Pennsylvania resident on a form 4 add 6% sales tax.


Terms: 100% up front to start the paperwork, the rifle will be shipped USPS registered mail in a plastic hardcase, the same or next business day approved forms are received. Rifle will be shipped clean, lubed and ready to shoot.



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