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WTS FN M249S, M249,parts, short barrels, SAW, M240L, MAG-58, Short M240L Barrel M203 Barrel & QD Mount, See all the pics

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Updated Here is the list of very hard to find spare parts for your FN M249S M249 or M240 MAG-58 All original NOT Aftermarket like others sell!
M145 MG Optic Elcan for M249 or M240B as new with Killflash and camo Pouch 675.00
RARE M192 Lightweight tripod for M249S or M240B/L
MK46 charging handle , skeletonized, new 120.00
M249 Charging handle complete new, 100.00
MK-46/M249 New type Rail optic Top Belt feed cover complete 525.00
M203 Rail mount Sight , KAC Mfg, new 40.00
M203 QD Mount to take off and add Launcher easily, new in package  150.00
MK-46/M249 Picitinney Rail top cover, 1 only new stripped 265.00
M249 Collapsible stock , new in package 150.00
M249 Collapsible stock exc. 110.00
M240H Complete Spade Grip and tigger group to make Door gun or Top Vehicle Mount configuraton 850.00 see pic
MK-46 Chrome feed arm new in wrap upgrade for M249/SAW 75.00
M249 Front Handguard KAC TrI-Rail new 150.00
M249 Short Para barrel exc. complete  265.00
M249 Short Para Barrel new in wrap 300.00
M249 Long standard barrel exc. 275.00 Like New 225.00
M249 Gas tube assembly , new 225.00
MK46/M249 upgrade  Improved adjustable Bipod,, newest version of 249 Bipod 175.00  see pic
M249 Bipod, new 100.00
M240/M249 Camo spare barrel carrying bag with heat pads, pockets for gear, 75.00
M249/M240 padded sling with QD Clips 35.00
M249 BULLDOG Coyote Heavy duty combat sling , new 50.00
M249 Combination Tool Essential!! 40.00
M249 Barrel  Top Heat shield new 75.00
M249 exc. heat shield 60.00
M249 Nutsack adapter, fits in magwell to realign higher up for better feeding. new, 75.00
M240 Complete stock , Hydraulic exc. 140.00
M240 Complete stock, Hydraulic as new 200.00
M240 Heat shield new 75.00
M240 Standard Long barrel Complete exc. 675.00 see pic
M249 Heat shield exc condition 60.00
M240 Gas regulator and collar new set 75.00
M240 bipod new or as new 135.00
M240 top cover internal set complete 225.00
M240   Front rail handguard complete 100.00
M249 rear sight leaf assembly complete 40.00
M240 Top Barrel Heat shields new 75.00
M249 Short para barrel exc. condition complete 250.00
M240 Left side rail optic top belt feed cover complete , new 425.00
M240 Right side Belt Feed top cover complete all new 525.00 see pic 
M240 RARE Right hand feed top cover parts set complete for 240 new 325.00 
M240 RARE Right hand feed tray 240  125.00
M240 Right feed side pawl set Rare  85.00
M240 Complete Pistol grip group 200.00
240 Trigger group sear ,new 45.00
M240 Right side feed arm Rare 85.00
M240 Right feed depressors set 75.00
M240 Left feed top cover complete with Optic  rail all new 240  475.00
M240 Left feed  tray for 240 new 125.00
M240L  Short  Barrel new in wrap with Vortex Factory flash hider Complete  (SUPER RARE) 800.00
M240L Collapsible stock complete new 425.00
M240 Ejector set 65.00
M240/M249 Tripod Pintle for M122 or 1919 type mounts 75.00
M240/249 tripod T&E new in wrap with adapter 150.00
M240 Bolt new complete 225.00
M240 Bolt complete with Op-Rod all new, with Firing Pin ready to install in gun 400.00
M249 complete bolt new with extractor 165.00
M249 Slide Carrier for Bolt/Op-Rod, new with roller, 165.00
M249 100 rnd nutsacks, exc. 25.00 new 32.00 with starter tab
M249 200 rnd nutsack exc. 36.00
M249 Extractor replacement kit 2 part arm and spring set in package 50.00
M249 Barrel change lever complete 100.00
M249 Recoil spring for 249 40.00
M249 Recoil Buffer spring drive rod 249 100.00
M240 Recoil spring rod group  complete for 240 50.00 
M249 Top cover repair parts kit 249 150.00
M240 Top Cover repair kit 240 150.
M240 Firing Pin , new 50.00
M249 Firing Pin and spring 35.00
If you don't see what you need just ask, I may have it.
Call 828-773-1938 or text and  Email direct is best to GPrue8@aol.com

240 bbl new.jpg

240 left and right rail top cover.jpg

240 coll stock open and closed.jpg

240 grip.jpg

240 short bbl.jpg

203 parts.jpg

240 stock.jpeg

saw bbl in plastic.jpg

249 improved bipod.jpg

240 rail  cover.jpeg

240 spades.jpg

Improved_M249_Machine_Gun (1).jpg

249 long barrels.jpg

249 nutsack adapter.jpg

249 rail.jpg

249 tele stock.jpe

elcan pic.jpg

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