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WTS: MK760 parts set w/extras $350 shpd

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Very good condition MK760 parts set. Only missing the magwell other than that it's complete. Includes pictured spare parts (2 sears, extractor, factory mag rebuild kit, recoil spring, etc...) with select fire trigger group and one 32 round mag. The kit has two factory grips one aluminum and one plastic, along with a grip plate to be able to fire the weapon without the stock attached. $350.00 shipped. U.S. Postal money orders only. All NFA rules apply. Also available but not pictured are four additional 36 round factory mags, four professionally modified and reparked 36 round Swedish K mags, and loading tool for an extra $150.00 shipped to the buyer of the kit. Will not separate any parts. Will post the extra mags and loading tool if the kit buyer is not interested in them.


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