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WTS: Bulgy Krink kit with factory barrel $1350 shpd

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Very good condition demilled factory Bulgy Krink kit with complete factory assembled front end (uncut factory Bulgy 5.45 Krink barrel, with matching top cover, trunnion, bolt, and FA carrier) all black polymer U.S. furniture purchased new from K-Var. Again this a factory assembled front end, not someone's buggered up project assembly. The kit is complete minus the grip reinforcement plate and any rivets. Includes Bulgy scope rail and your choice of a US made Arsenal semi auto trigger group or the factory select fire trigger group. This was one of the demilled ones K-Var was selling years back that was had an uncut barrel and assembled front end, not the virgin kits that preceded these. $1350 shipped US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS ONLY. All NFA rules apply. Sorry won't separate any parts. 



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