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Need Help with HK21 price.

Brent Bowman

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I have been thinking about selling an HK21 and I am having a hard time figuring out how much it is worth because I don't see any similar guns, or recent sales online.

The HK21 is a registered receiver on a form 4 in Idaho. It was built by Volmer on a registered hk receiver. I later sent the HK21 to RDTS and they re-cut/welded the cocking slot for a 21e buttstock, added a carry handle, added a forward assist, modified the bolt carrier for the forward assist, added optics mounting tabs to the top of the receiver, added belt box mounting slots, and also some other work. RDTS also refinished the entire gun, extra barrel, extra belt feed assembly, and extra complete bolt carrier assembly.

The HK21 is in very nice condition and has only been fired a couple of times since I sent it to RDTS to be refinished, so it looks great. The HK21 runs very well and it is set up with a # 17 locking piece and the hk21e buttstock, so it fires at a really nice rate, and it is nice, smooth and very controllable to fire. I will probably sell it with the RDTS manufactured beltbox that connects directly to the HK21 receiver, extra barrel, extra belt feed assembly, extra bolt assembly, several non-disintegrating german belts modified for the HK21and a few spare parts like an extra firing pin, ejector and some spare feed mech. parts.

So what would I price the gun at?

Thanks for any input.

Brent Bowman


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On 1/17/2016 at 6:22 AM, Brent Bowman said:

It is an HK21 with the standard HK21 "slide out belt feed mechanism", RDTS set it up with the 21e carry handle, forward assist and buttstock. 

Sounds like a RR version of the the 21EUG...

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