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WTS: AK47 Steel Magazines - Eastern European Surplus

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I have a pile of Eastern European surplus AK47 magazines available for sale. These are all 30 round steel variants originating from Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia, and probably a bunch of others (no hand pick for counties). The mags all have some type of wear which may include finish wear, arsenal refinish,     finished over pits, scratches, superficial dents, or other minor cosmetic blemishes (the followers all freely move). These may require some degreasing due to sitting in storage for a number of years. Several also have some unique stamps including serial numbers, lined out codes, painted numbers, or other            interesting features. 


Price - $12.00 plus shipping - (100 available)


Payment: Paypal gift, standard paypal plus 3.5%, or USPS money order


Contact: IM or email me at bevisNOSPAMblack15@yahoo.com (just remove the “NOSPAM”. Please include your screen name with the email)





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