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M240L kit (gun not included)


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I have for sale a very rare complete USGI new and unused M240L kit.

These were NIB, I took them out for pictures. They were taken directly off the assembly line, from what I was told.
Gun not included, of course. It's the kit, NOT THE GUN.
The kit is comprised of:
1. standard length pencil barrel with skeletonized carrying handle;
2. The L bipod;
3. The 240L collapsible buttstock (very hard to find);
4. The L heat shield;
5. The complete trigger assembly.
Price is $4500, shipping included, for the complete kit. I have no I idea what these kits are worth. I was advised to add small margin onto what I paid, as compensation for my time (actually, my assistants time). My overzealous assistant did a very good job of tracking down an extra kit that I did not need.
If you want to buy this kit, and you've sold me a machine gun in the past, PM me and I'll sell it to you with a discount.







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