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WTS - Transferable Steyr ( SOLD)


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       History books call the MP-34 the “Rolls-Royce” of German WWII subguns.  
      It’s an open bolt, selective-fire subgun with a cyclic rate around 600 rpm. The gun has matching serial numbers on the receiver and the left side of buttstock.  The right side of buttstock has swastika over letter L stamped in wood. 
   It was originally barreled for 9 mm Mauser but I changed it to shoot the Russian Tokarev 7.62x25 .  Changing calibers is easy by  unscrewing the barrel  and screwing a different calibered barrel on .  It comes with 3 magazines in caliber 7.62x25 .  
           The magazine housing and receiver are machined out of one large piece of forged steel. 
   One unique option for the shooter when loading, is to insert an empty magazine in the bottom of the mag well, then  load it with  stripper clips  from the top.    When it’s  loaded,the shooter then removes it and  loads it into the side of the mag well for shooting. 
   I just hand loaded the mags.
       It’s  always been very reliable.
Payment by Certified Cashiers Check or 
Personal check until cleared
PM below for questions and more pictures 
   Automatic Arms 
   Class 3 Dealer over 30 years
   Steve Jenkins   - PM below
   Price- Sold

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