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1917A1 in 308 Troubleshooting


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I've got a friend that owns a Group Ind. 1917A1 in .308 caliber. He's owned it for years and it has never run reliably. I recently started working with him trying to troubleshoot it for issues, but I am not a Browning expert. Although I do own a ANM2 .3006 and it runs great. Can the 1917 be made to run 308? I know it is originally a gun set up for 3006 and has no capacity for a booster to help it cycle with the lowered powered 308 cartridge.

He has ordered all new springs to go in the gun, but I doubt this will fix the underlying problems, whatever they are.

Thanks, Don


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A 1917A1 is a 1919A4 with a water jacket, pure and simple.  Things to ask yourself are:  do I have a .308 cartridge stop?  Do I have a .308 bolt?  Do I have a .308 booster?  Is my head spacing correct?  I need to be using Israeli links, not US GI (sometimes they work, many times they don't)

If the answer is yes, get out of the way as that baby will run like an open sore!  Any of the above will give sporadic results.

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There are no muzzle boosters on the 1917.

The barrel packing is very important. Getting it so that it doesn't leak and still lets the barrel move freely is hard. I let my gun leak a little so that the barrel moves freely. It is a balance between leaking and free movement.

Check the other things as noted above and gun should run. Side note: Mine runs real fast, not what the literature says.

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1919 in 308 is a bitch to get running reliability.  Convert back to 06.  In addition to all the parts you need to be sure you have a 308 bolt the feed lip has to be widened for the 308.  Izzy bolts were correct but most people try and use a 06 bolt.  The main issue you will run into is headspacing. There is no real.standard on 308 7.62n.  You will find a lot of. Variance between 308 7.62 cases in the rim and also shoulder which effects head space and how well it runs.  I had a 308 m37 never ran in 308 removed the 308 cartridge stops and back to 06 and ran like a sink

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Hi Don,

A photo or two of the feedway with the cover open would be very helpful.  As mentioned earlier, the .308 bolt, left rear cartridge stop, left front cartridge stop, and the right rear cartridge stop (all stops for the .308).  I've only some experience with the 30-06 1919 running .308.  Since the 1919 was a 30-06 gun and the right rear cartridge stop is riveted in place, the gun only runs well with .308 links "short linked".  In other words the cartridges are only part way into the links.  This allows the links to line-up with the path on the RHS of the 1919.  Some folks just cut part of the 30-06 right rear cartridge stop off to widen the link path but the 1919 was to be kept original.

The 1919 30-06 top cover was replaced with a .308 cover for running .308. 

Back to the photo of the feedway - It will be easy to pick out in the photo if the right rear stop has been trimmed.

Hope something here is useful,


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