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WTS M1 Garand

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For sale is a CMP Garand that was purchased nearly a decade ago. Never fired, just cleaned, greased, and put into the safe until recently, basically a time capsule of what the CMP offered during that time. Not looking for any offers or trades at this time. I am not an FFL, if your FFL only receives from other FFL's then please let me know and include an extra $25 and I will have mine ship it to yours. C&R's are fine. Will come with a CMP hard case, user manual, 1 enbloc clip, and a COPY of the original certificate of authenticity from the CMP with the purchaser's name redacted. I recommend having a competent gunsmith inspect any surplus rifle prior to firing. Any questions, please feel free to reach out. Personal checks & USPS MO's are fine as long as you don't mind waiting 3 business days for it to clear my bank before shipping.

5,329,XXX December 1954
PICS: https://imgur.com/a/QVxMhX6

Below is a breakdown of the parts contained;
Barrel Markings: SA-F6535448 P P 4 54 A211B DoD stamp
Muzzle Erosion: 4
Throat Erosion: 2
Op-Rod: 6535382 SA (June 45-Dec. 57)
Bolt: 6528287-SA A11 (Jan. 52-Dec. 54)
Trigger Housing: 6528290-SA (Jan. 55-Dec. 57)
Trigger Guard: Stamped, Post WW2 stamped hook type
Hammer: SA D5546008 (Aug. 52-Dec. 55)

Stock Markings: Circle P on front of grip, 0-2-69 painted in white on right side of butt near butt plate

$1,250 +S&H


IMG_8307 E.png

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