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Used Suppressors on Form 3. (Surefire, Rugged, LMT, AAC)

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Thinning out the herd.
All suppressors are ready for immediate transfer via ATF Form 3. Prices include shipping.

1) Surefire RC2-762 Dark Earth: $800 SOLD

My RC2-762TI gets more use, so this is getting sold. Less than 100rds through it. (Used on a .308 AR-10)


2) Amtac Rongo P: $700/ea

Over-the-barrel Magnum Rated .30cal cans. 1xFDE and 1xBlack. The pictures with the 16.5” Remington 700 illustrate what it looks like installed, and the rifle is not included. 
Less than 100rds of use on the FDE (used on a 20” 6.5 creedmoor AR10). The Black one has about 40rds through it.



3) Rugged Razor 556: $460

Less than 200rds fired through it. It was on a Hellion Bullpup for a bit, then on a 12.5” AR15. Has some handling marks. Includes flash hider, flash hider front cap and standard front cap.


4) Rugged Surge 762: $800

Used on a 6.5cr bolt gun, and has under 200rds through it. Includes Flash hider and modular “long” adapter. Long configuration adapter has a scratch on it. Can has handling marks.


5) LMT VBS 308: $500

Over the barrel low backpressure can. Not a single round through it. Only mounted on a few guns. Direct thread 5/8x24.



6) AAC Mini 4: $600

Has handling marks, used on a KAC SR15. Many rounds through it, but its still a great can. Includes AAC 51T Flash hider and multicam molle pouch (not pictured)



If you’d like to see more pics/angles, or have questions, please feel free to send me a message. 

Thanks for looking!

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RC2 762 is Sold
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