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WTS: FN M249 Amazing Package; must see; 19.5K

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This is the “dream machine package” that any Class II or Class III dealer, as well as any LE Agency, could wish for.  The FNH M249 SAW is the cream-of-the-crop of modern day beltfed machine guns. This particular one has only been demonstrated once, and was so meticulously cleaned afterwards, that it was cleaner and better lubricated than when it left the factory.  As most dealers already know, these are usually backordered at least 12-24 months or more.  This specimen is available to you right now, upon NFA approval.  This amazing package includes:

The M249 SAW in its original shipping carton, only once-fired

One once-fired full size barrel

One full size barrel still new in wrapper (NIW)

One once-fired “para” barrel

Two “para” barrels still new in wrapper

One blank barrel, still new in wrapper

11,200 rounds Lake City M855, linked and in SAW boxes, 4 boxes/can

2400 rounds Lake City M193, linked and in SAW boxes, 4 boxes/can

800-1000 rounds linked live blanks

Elcan Specter DR dual illuminated scope, NIB, not dialed in yet

Front tri-rail system with vertical and side grips

Original factory lower hand rail

Additional after-market optional  buffered  A2 stock

Argentinian hi-detailed amazing tri-pod

Surefire FA556MG suppressor, NIB, still sealed, especially made for the M249 SAW

Surefire muzzle brakes for full and para barrels, NIW

Spare NIW bolt and carrier

Carry bag, and padded sling

A few other extra’s



This is a beltfed machine gun dream-come-true.  And we’ve done all the shopping for you.  There’s nothing else you’ll need for a long, long time. 

Just as a polite reminder, this offer is only valid to Class II and Class III dealers, or LE Agencies.  A Police Department demo-request letter is required for dealer transfer. 

Price for this phenomenal package is $19,500, shipped. 

If you arrive, in person, to pick up this package, the price is only $18,500

Call or e-mail with questions or inquiries:  616-443-0034 or quietshooting@gmail.com

Edited by Richard in Grand Rapids MI
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